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Advantages of using magnesium chloride detergent

Date of release:2018-06-20 Author: Click:

The pure magnesium chloride is colorless monoclinic crystal, and the industrial product is usually yellowish brown and has a bitter taste. It is easy to absorb moisture and loses 2 molecules of crystal water when it is dissolved in water at 100 °C. The aqueous solution is neutral at room temperature. At 110 ° C, partial hydrogen chloride is lost to decompose, and strong heat is converted to oxychloride, which decomposes at about 118 ° C when heated rapidly. The aqueous solution has an acidic melting point of 118 ° C (decomposed, hexahydrate) and 712 ° C (anhydrous).

We use magnesium chloride boiler descaling agent, which is a guarantee for equipment safety. It can easily remove scale and reduce corrosion rate easily, and it is easy to operate, safe and reliable. The scale inhibitor used in general boilers does not contain toxic and harmful substances. It can be discharged after simple neutralization treatment, safe and environmentally friendly.

All kinds of insoluble scales in the boiler, food grade magnesium chloride descaling agent can be completely removed, even the stubborn sulfate scale can be removed.

According to the specific conditions of the boiler operation, it is determined how much the magnesium chloride descaling agent is descaled. No additional additives are needed during the use, which simplifies and facilitates the installation and operation of the cleaning site.

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