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Production process is one of the factors affecting the quality of magnesium chloride

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Overview of magnesium chloride:

Magnesium chloride is a chloride consisting of 74.54% chlorine and 25.48% magnesium with the chemical formula MgCl2. Crystal water, usually containing six molecules, is MgCl2·6H2O, which is deliquescent and will be weathered in dry air to lose crystal water. It is a monoclinic crystal with a salty taste and a certain degree of corrosion. Natural magnesium chloride is present in seawater and salt brines.

Industrial grade magnesium chloride is mainly used as a raw material for electrolytic production of magnesium metal. It is also used in the manufacture of oxychloride cement, refrigerated brine, flocculant, organic reaction catalyst, magnesium flux and solder. Food grade magnesium chloride can be allowed to be used in limited quantities for soy products.

The relative molecular mass of magnesium chloride is 95.21. It is a colorless hexagonal crystal. Density 2.316 - 2.33 g / cubic centimeter. The temperature of 714 ° C. The boiling point is 1412 ° C. Dissolved in water, lost water and hydrogen chloride when heated to form magnesium oxide.

Now magnesium chloride equipment and technology are improving, but purification is a very rigorous work, especially whether the food grade magnesium chloride purification process is perfect, can not remove all the magazines have a certain impact on the quality of magnesium chloride; often also when purifying magnesium chloride There will be insoluble substances precipitated from the solution. The purity of this precipitate will also affect the quality of magnesium chloride. Magnesium chloride has the form of magnesium chloride powder and magnesium chloride tablets. Different forms contain different impurities. The degree of magnesium chloride extracted according to the specific conditions is not the same. Naturally, it will affect the quality of magnesium chloride.

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