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Food grade calcium chloride price is relatively stable

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Physical properties of food grade calcium chloride:

       Colorless cubic crystal, white or grayish white, granular, honeycomb block, spherical, irregular granular, powdery. It is slightly toxic, odorless and slightly bitter. It is extremely hygroscopic and is easily deliquescent when exposed to air. It is easily soluble in water and emits a large amount of heat (calcium chloride has a dissolved enthalpy of -176.2 cal/g), and its aqueous solution is slightly acidic. Soluble in alcohol, acetone, acetic acid. It reacts with ammonia or ethanol to form CaCl2·8NH3 and CaCl2·4C2H5OH complexes, respectively. When the solution is crystallized at a low temperature, the hexahydrate is precipitated. When it is gradually heated to 30 ° C, it is dissolved in its own crystal water, and the heating is gradually dehydrated. When it reaches 200 ° C, it becomes dihydrate, and when heated to 260 ° C, it becomes White porous anhydrous calcium chloride.


Food grade calcium chloride price quotes:

     The price of calcium chloride continued to be stable. On June 4, the average price of calcium chloride was 715.00 yuan/ton. On June 1, the national average price of calcium chloride was 715.00 yuan/ton. On June 4, the average price of calcium chloride was flat compared with June 1, and the range was also flat. On June 4, the high calcium chloride price was 960.00 yuan / ton, and the low calcium chloride price was 600.00 yuan / ton, a difference of 360.00 yuan / ton. On June 4th, the national price of calcium chloride was in a stable trend compared with June 4.

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